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Free up your time and prosperity will follow

We’ve been working on the XnappDragon project for quite some time now. For years we’ve been working with transport, logistics and distribution enterprise companies to streamline efficiencies in fleet productivity and doing some cool stuff with Telematics. The customers that were using our fleet productivity systems expressed their desire for a job management system too.
“Great! I can now track my vehicles and manage my drivers, but I wish someone would make a system that made it easy for me manage my jobs while I’m out and about. On a nice day like this, I don’t want to be stuck in the office chasing paperwork. Do you know of anyone?”

Yup! Actually we do. As a company that specialises in telematics software and software development, we took up that challenge.

And challenge us it did. First up, we looked at what we should be doing to do it right. We asked our customers what they would want in the ultimate job management system. Here’s what they said:

I want a single job management system, that makes it easy to manage job dispatching AND lets me create new jobs all in the same system.
I want an affordable, robust and customisable system that suits how I do business and follows our workflow.
I want an easy way to create and dispatch jobs from the office or when I’m out and about.
I want my customers to be able to securely login to the system and create their own jobs, so that all I have to do is to dispatch it.
I want to enhance my end-customer experience by notifying them in advance of the arrival of our mobile workers

We wanted to take care of that for you. So we built a simple and streamlined system for general job creation, scheduling and dispatch.

We also built in some other features we thought would be really handy like connecting to your invoicing system and integration to third party GPS tracking systems.

With our reputation as leaders in large company systems, we were confident we could come up with a job scheduling system that would work for any sized company. A job dispatch system that lets you send job information out to your field staff, and receive jobs requests in from your customers. All on the same platform. A job scheduling system that saves you time and money.

We are proud of our baby Dragon. Dragons are mythical creatures that bring prosperity. We know that XnappDragon will bring some to you.

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