Your customers will love you for your proactive customer service!

Send a text to your client when you are close by offering them a service.  Email them an invoice when you close the job. Events let you set up some seriously cool stuff!  How about sending a text to your client when the worker is assigned, introducing your worker by name and stating when he’ll start?  Your customers will love you for it!

Based on geofencing technology and the geographic boundaries set for your field workers, automated notifications can be sent when an action occurs in a job. For example, you’ve set up that messages are sent to clients when you’re in a 5k vicinity. So if you are running early to a job, when you are with a 5kms of the job, the client receives a text message to say you are minutes away.

You could set xnappDragon up to be used as a collaboration tool too. If you are a project manager, you can synchronise multiple jobs. Once a particular job has been marked as completed, this triggers a second job by another mobile worker independent to the first job. For example, the kitchen install is dependent on the plumbing being finished. Once the plumber marks that he’s finished, an email is sent to the kitchen installers saying they are good to go.

Recurring jobs for a specific job type or mobile worker may be easily set up to occur at set intervals reducing the need to create jobs of recurring nature.

Let us show you how this works. Give us a call or request a demo.

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