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Easy to use job scheduling software that lets you schedule jobs and workers from your computer or mobile. Now that's hot.

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    Create custom job templates to suit your workflow. You can create as many as you want. Create custom templates based on branches or divisions.


    XnappDragon allows the creation of recurring jobs. So if you have a job that needs doing regularly, then you only need to create the job once.


    Let your customers book and edit jobs and view invoices too. Perfect for property managers!


    Save time if you prefer to do your jobs in runs. Job grouping allows you to group your jobs by area or worker. Think water or gas bottle delivery, or couriers.


    Handle jobs that contain multiple smaller jobs. Great for demolition or rubbish removal companies so you can treat each truck load as a sub job.

Calendar like software scheduling


Scheduler is like calendar software, it lets you see jobs per worker for the day, week or month. Xnappdragon will only let you schedule jobs in the hours the worker is available. Drag n drop makes job scheduling a breeze.

  • Plan all your jobs out and then do a bulk dispatch at the end.
  • Look forward and see at a glance how many jobs are booked in.
  • See jobs per staff member.
  • Schedule staff vacation time.
  • Set up workers on shift timings and XnappDragon will only schedule jobs to the worker when he is available.
assign jobs by proximity


Map view gives you a real time view of where your guys are.

  • Assign jobs based on who’s in the area. Send Kenny as he’s the closest.
  • See what job each of your staff are working on in real time.
powerful filters


XnappDragon is so flexible you can make it tie itself in a bow and it will still function beautifully.

  • Sort jobs by priority and assign high priority jobs first.
  • Assign the right jobs to the right workers. eg: You have a fire branch and a security branch. Workers who do fire will only get the fire jobs.
  • Assign jobs to a run. You can organise your jobs in runs if you like.
  • You can have more than one dispatcher logged in at the same time. Each dispatcher is only able to alter their own jobs and create new ones.
GPS tracking


In app GPS tracking lets you see where your staff are and where they’ve been. See on the map where they are in real time so you can dispatch jobs to the closest worker.



Turn by turn navigation stops your workers from getting lost. It finds the most efficient route so it reduces your fuel costs and saves you time.

send messages


Use messaging to keep up 2 way communication between the office and field workers. Quick questions answered on the spot via text chat right within the app. You don’t have to jump out of the app to use the phones messaging app! Handy.


Check the status of a job or worker. If the worker has nearly finished a job you can assign them another one.


Track time in the way that best suits you. By time a worker has spent individually on a job(wages). Or if you run subcontractors, total time spent doing the job by all subcontractors(contract). Start and pause time if you have to go to another job, XnappDragon will keep a record of it.


Keep track of parts used on the job. Add them to the job as you use them. Choose from a list of parts, scan them in from a barcode This makes invoicing much easier!

attach notes


Sometimes jobs don’t quite go as planned. No worries. Add notes to the job to remind yourself of the extras.
Attach notes, audio or PDF files to the job. Use it to collate invoices for parts, packing order slips and keeping voice notes about the job.

Collect a signature


Get a signature from the client while on the job. This can be a life saver in terms of proof. Avoid disputes and improve internal procedures by capturing customers signatures to sign off a job.

add photos


Get some photos of the completed work to keep on file. You can use these to avoid any disputes or to use on your own website.


Update the job status by scanning the manifest with the in built bar code reader. You can speed up your job processing time by batch scanning jobs into the system.


View customer history to get an idea of what has been done for that customer before. Or get details from the previous jobs to paint a clearer picture and resolve any disputes.


Bill your customer while onsite. Use the in app vendor price lists to charge out your parts at your preferred customer prices based on the markup you choose and the special pricing you give your favourite customers. Fast money.


Invoice your clients directly from the system.
If you are a field service business who charges your clients on an hourly basis for the jobs you undertake, you can bill accurately based on time sheets and parts/labour used for the job.

Invoices can be customized with your logo and you can create invoices in the field. Faster billing will reduce your work to cash cycle.

Receive payments directly into the system.
Invoices can be sent to your favourite accounting software. Currently we have provision for:
accounting software


Upload a complete inventory list for your your parts. Workers will have access to the list and be able to assign parts used to the job.

Upload all your vendor price lists and sell your parts direct to your customer.

Parts can be entered into the job by scanning its barcode.
Parts inventory works in offline mode, mobile worker always has access to append parts/labour to a job while working in an offline mode.


Comprehensive reporting capabilities gives you fine granular control over the data you want to see. Filter by date range, job template and status. Group the results by worker, priorty, status, branch or department to see how your business is performing.

Reports are presented on screen visually as graphs to give you information at a glance.


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