How much does it cost?

$14.95 per user per month! That’s it. Each additional user/ device is just $14.95, and you have full office flexibility

Other job dispatch software is 5 times the price. Why is Xnappdragon so affordable?

We are a next generation job dispatch development. We focussed on looking at systems that were available, and ways to streamline our development and programming, to offer the package at the most affordable rate for businesses. There is no ‘simplification of services’, just a simplification of business model, meaning we can pass those savings on to the end user – making the Xnappdragon system strong, powerful and affordable.

What will it work with?

Currently xnappdragon intergates with xero, MYOB and other legacy software.  Call us to see what we can do with the existing systems you have. We are flexible like that.

  • XERO
  • MYOB
  • GPS tracking systems by Xlerate technologies

What are your up-coming integrations?

We are working on multiple integrations including:

  • CRM
  • Additional accounting systems
  • Database software

There are other options on the market why are you better?

Xnappdragon is a next generation job dispatch and submission system. We looked at existing software, and found ways to streamline, improve and simplify. This means we can offer a service with full functionality at a more competitive price point.
We have also developed a 2 way job solution, you can use the same system to dispatch jobs, and submit new jobs. We’re the only guys on the block doing this!

How do I get product support?

You can get free support around the clock by emailing support@xnappdragon.com If you need help immediately you can call our 0900 xlerate(0900 953 728) number, and our tech staff can help you on the spot.

How is your GPS different?

Most other job dispatch programs integrate with an existing GPS platform, which needs another device, another program, and another integration. Xnappdragon has GPS functionality built into the core of the application, meaning you can just set up and go – knowing where everyone is, and who best to schedule new jobs to. ZERO programming into GPS systems required.

How do I import or export information from the system?

It’s as easy as a click of a button. During initial set up we will guide you through import of data from other programs. With our flexible API you can export information into other programs such as your CRM. Contact us to discuss.

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