Custom Job Templates

Create your own custom job templates to work with your business processes. Our highly flexible custom job templates have a large selection of fields and flows that can model most job flow. You can set up as many forms and fields as you like.

Getting started with Custom job templates

There are a couple of different ways to get started with customising the job template to suit your workflow:

  • Use your existing paper based Job sheets, work orders or service orders as the basis for your XnappDragon templates.
  • For a quick start, choose from a library of pre-made templates and customise them to suit your business processes.
  • Specify a list of values to choose from – our pick list builder lets you set up drop downs of pre-set values. Customise the templates for any type of Job, which includes parts, labour and equipment.
  • Capture customer details on the fly while our Google address validation function ensures the accuracy of customers location.
  • Import customers from existing systems in CSV format.
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