Xlerate Technologies – leaders in Logistics and telematics software

Why do we do what we do?

Simply? We make job management a Xnapp! (pun intended ;)

We wanted to develop a single job management solution, that made it easy to manage  job dispatching AND allowed submission of new jobs all in the same system so that’s why we built XnappDragon.

We figure you know by now we’re XnappDragon. ;) Yep,  a new job management application from a Kiwi company Xlerate

Our overall goal?   To create an affordable, robust and customisable system that lets you manage all jobs, whether job dispatch to field workers or a new job request directly from customers.

We wanted to create a system that can be modified to fit you – an alternative to the fixed job systems that were the only previous choice.

After years of working with enterprise companies to streamline shipping and dispatch, we identified a gap in the marketplace for a simple and streamlined system for a general job dispatch and submission service.

Most players on the market were not only expensive, but focused on the dispatch of jobs. What happened when someone wanted to submit a new one? Well, it was back to head office and entering the request into another system.

With our reputation as leaders in large company systems, we were confident we could create a job dispatch system that would work for any company regardless of size, and be able to send job information out, and receive jobs requests in. All on the same platform and above all to make Job Management Fun and give you more time to have more fun in life!!

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